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Roger Corman said...

"I think that to succeed in this world you have to take chances. Many of my friends and compatriots and people who’ve started with me are here tonight, and they’ve all succeeded. Some of them succeeded to an extraordinary degree. And I believe they’ve succeeded because they had the courage to take chances, to gamble. But they gambled because they knew the odds were with them; they knew they had the ability to create what they wanted to make. It’s very easy for a major studio or somebody else to repeat their successes, to spend vast amounts of money on remakes, on special effects-driven tent-pole franchise films. But I believe the finest films being done today are done by the original, innovativef ilmmakers who have the courage to take a chance and to gamble. So I say to you: ¡Keep gambling, keep taking chances!. Thank you".

Roger Corman en su discurso de agradecimiento frente a la Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.